China Xiaomi smartphone manufacturer


The company has a strong and ambitious ambition in the past years in which the company wants to have a strong presence in the smartphone market worldwide And has succeeded after its results in China among the top five best-selling companies for smart phones and manufactured for them and this is because of the company’s policy that attracts users to acquire their phones In all categories of different smart phones and then spread the company the rest of the world markets, especially in the market of Asia and North Africa and developed a large and successful footprint and this is due to the low price of its phones with the quality and raw materials manufacturing strong in its phones

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The company manufactures high-priced phones at a lower price than any other company in the Android system, and also because of its richness of various features and attractive and wonderful interface that it owns and develops always But Google has agreed with the developer of the Android operating system on a customized version of this phone with the same specifications but with the support of the software from Google, that is, it will come to the markets with raw Android The Mi A1 comes with the same specifications as the standard version of the Xiaomi Mi 5X with a 5.5-inch LTPS IPS LCD  1080p 1920 pixels in FULL H with 403 ppi multi-touch support The phone is an excellent choice in the middle class because its screen gives the best clear brightness experience details in all the different high and low illumination It is distinctive for all big screen fans and movie lovers always because of the number of pixels in the screen and support full HD resolution

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