Review for iPhone x !



From the very first moment you can find the beauty in its design especially with the use of materials that give great value to the device such as the presence of windshield and the rear and then connect the two sides with the edges of stainless steel. What is more important is the size of the device that I have been waiting for a long time. The dream is to get a large screen device with a suitable size and close to the small iPhone 7 or 8. The design allows you to use the device with one hand, unlike the big and ugly iPhone 7 or 8, compared to iPhone X The size of the device compared to the iPhone 8 Plus but the screen is larger. The beauty of the screen, you can not describe the beauty of the screen, you need to experience the device so you know how Apple created a spectacular display in terms of quality and color.

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For the first time, Apple uses a 5.8-inch OLED screen, and it was a choice from Samsung, After using the iPhone X you will find everything clear , Colors and blacks appear more clearly than any other type of monitor In addition, the monitors 4K video playback with HDR support, which is the technology that shows the lighting in the videos better and more clearly.



Face Id

Apple has adopted the design of a device with a full screen and without the edges, Apple had to abandon the button home, which in turn carries the fingerprint technology was the alternative is the use of the new facial face recognition technology, which can read and analyze 50 muscles in the human face.

Apple has always been an advanced device in the field of photography, but in recent years and from my experience of many devices in the market, I found that the difference is very simple between these devices, including Apple devices. But what distinguishes the phone of iPhone X is the presence of portraiture from the front camera, through my experience found that the result is excellent, but sometimes the process of insulation is incomplete, especially in parts of hair head. The rear-view camera is always very impressive and is compatible with the iPhone 8 Plus camera. It offers high quality and clear images and offers photo portraiture with better illumination in night imagery.

The phone is simply very fast, and when you try a lot of applications and games and move between them the device does not suffer any performance problems. This is due to the faster performance of the device thanks to the new processor quad-core A11 and faster than the previous 70%. The graphics processor is also 30% faster than before, and you’ll notice it through games that work fast and without any cutting.








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