The new iPhone X is tested for water resistance


We saw earlier this day a video reviewing our iPhone X phone which is subject to fall tests We also saw earlier a video showing us the same phone subject to many durability tests Apple earlier explained to us that the iPhone X has an IP67 certificate Which means it resistant waterproof and dustproof. The official specifications provided by Apple when it comes to water resistance say that the iPhone X can be put In water depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes In the video below, you’ll see the iPhone X in water 1 meter deep for half an hour

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As you can see in the video above The phone survived at a depth of up to 20 feet for up to five minutes This indicates that the phone may be more water resistant than the IP67 rating given to the device. Based on the videos we’ve seen so far, the new iPhone X seems to have a very excellent structure and comes with very high manufacturing quality.


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